Here are some great fundraising ideas..

  • Host a house party fundraiser
  • Garage Sale Fundraiser where the proceeds go to an organization or campaign. Maximize your efforts by getting the neighborhood involved and provide information on the cause especially tips to identifying potential trafficking victims and hotlines.
  • Raffles (50/50 work great at local sporting events) & Silent Auctions
  • A-Thons! Walk-A-Thon, Dance-A-Thon, Bowl-A-Thon! The possibilities are endless! Pledge, engage, educate and take action!
  • Many organizations have shelters so do toiletries and other supply drives. Ask your local grocery store to set up a table and encourage customers while they are shopping to pick up an extra toothbrush, bar of soap or can of food. Giving trees around the holidays are a great way to gather supplies.
  • Car Wash, Cook Offs & Bake Sales. Although these may not bring in a lot of revenue, never underestimate the power of talking to someone about the cause.
  • Hold a benefit concert or coffee shop poetry slam. Share songs and poems about empowerment and overcoming challenges.

Check out more fundraising ideas here!


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