Not For Sale Campaign

NFS_sym_wdmk_horiz_rgb_orange1-p20Not For Sale knows that men, women and children around the world are forced to work with little or no pay, and the number of those living at risk is growing. Our work provides survivors and at-risk communities in five countries with safety and stability, education, and economic opportunities.

In 2001, Dave Batstone discovered that his favorite Bay Area restaurant had been the center of a local human trafficking ring that forcefully brought hundreds of teenagers from India into the United States.

He realized this was part of a growing international issue affecting every industry and corner of the earth. From there, Batstone wrote the book Not For Sale in 2007, and our organization was born.

What They Do…..

To break the cycle of exploitation, Not For Sale provides survivors and at-risk communities with shelter, healthcare, and legal services, first attending to the most basic needs of individuals who have suffered extreme trauma. Dedicated to addressing the profound and enduring effects of violence and exploitation. Only once their physical and emotional wellbeing is established can we begin to work together toward long-term opportunities for education and employment.

Schooling and job training programs furnish individuals with the skills they need to pursue a viable future that is less vulnerable to social and economic shocks and instability. By equipping at-risk communities with basic skills, we are able to prepare them for sustainable, long-term opportunities. Education is also a crucial part of helping survivors to rebuild their self-esteem.

Work with leading companies and organizations to create employment opportunities for survivors and at-risk communities. We equip them with the skills they need to succeed in the workforce. At the same time, we work directly with committed entrepreneurs and employers, assuring that the workforce is prepared and committed to employing these individuals. By supporting our beneficiaries holistically, we can connect them to jobs where they will be successful. Once individuals are able to provide for themselves in healthy and stable environments, the cycle of exploitation in which they were trapped can be broken.

Their Wish List…

Learn of the stories that are needed to be told.

Donate and Invest in a future free of slavery. One time donations or monthly donations are both very welcome and appreciated.

Volunteer and join the fight to end modern day slavery.

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