url-1CAST (Coalition to Abolish Slavery & Trafficking) assists persons trafficked for the purpose of forced labor and slavery-like practices and to work toward ending all instances of such human rights violations. Today, CAST is a multi-ethnic, multi-lingual human rights organization located in Los Angeles that has been nationally and internationally recognized for its dedication to the identification of trafficking survivors, the mobilization of all sectors of the community to identify and advocate against trafficking, and the provision of direct services for victims.

What They Do…..

Provides comprehensive long-term services through a three-pronged empowerment approach which includes Social Services, Legal Services, and Outreach and Training.

Operates operates the first shelter in the nation solely dedicated to serving victims of trafficking and established the first partnership of its kind with Saban Free Clinic – a family clinic in Los Angeles trained to address the health and mental health needs of trafficking victims.

Advocacy and Coalition Building: At CAST, we believe that policy, grassroots advocacy and outreach can only be as good as the direct client experiences in which they are based. For this reason, CAST begins all of its policy initiatives by engaging our main constituents – survivors themselves. Through broad community outreach on local, state and national and international levels – via advocacy, the media, public education, leadership development, and coalition building – CAST spotlights the issue of trafficking so that more victims will be free and empowered.

Their Wish List…

Visit and purchase items for their Wish List for their shelter’s most urgent needs.


Educate yourself and be an advocate! Share CAST’s HOTLINE #: 1(888) KEY-2(FRE)EDOM or 1(888) 539-2373

Take Action and Support Legislation

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