Education Means Protection Of Women Engaged in Recreation We are sex workers. We are workers who use our brains and our skills to earn an income. We are proud to support ourselves and our extended families. We look after each other at work; we fight for safe & fair standards in our industry and equal rights within society. We are a major part of the Thai economy, bringing in lots of tourist dollars. We are active citizens on every issue…politics, economics, environment, laws, rights etc. We try and find the space in society to stand up and be heard. Some see us as problem makers but actually we are part of the solution. We are Sex Workers, we are EMPOWER!

Over the last two decades more then 30,000 sex workers have come to study with us. For some it’s their first time at school.

What They Do…

Provide english lessons, Thai literacy, sexual education, computer lessons and workshops on HIV and female empowerment. Our classes are unique because they are times in the day when we don’t work and the curriculum is designed especially for us and our work.

Provide HIV programs and Advocacy: In 2008 we were awarded the prestigious Red Ribbon Award for our work that has reached over 50,000 sex workers with HIV prevention programs and message of human rights for sex workers.

Promote Advocacy: Good girls go to heaven, but bad girls go everywhere else! And we do! We are always going to events and conferences to preform and educate about our sex work advocacy.

Their Wish List…

Learn and be an ally!

Understand the difference between Sex Worker and Sex Trafficking. Read our free book!

Buy some swag! We have great books and merchandise!


There are 5 locations but the most special and unique is the office in Chiang Mai which is home to the Can Do Bar! A  Experitainment bar! “Can Do” bar is owned and managed by a group of sex workers from Empower. It began in 2006  when we decided to pool our experience and resources to create a bar owed by sex workers for sex workers. We started a community fund where any sex worker who contributes to the fund becomes part of the collective ownership.

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