Urban Light

1623726_618884718195420_1599193356_nUrban Light is a grassroots organization made up of a community of individuals dedicated to making noise regarding boys who are victims of trafficking and exploitation. Based in Chiang Mai, Thailand, the Urban Light Youth Center rebuilds, restores & empowers the lives of boys who work in the red light district by providing education + health services + housing & emergency care.

What They Do…

The Urban Light Youth Center (ULYC) is located just a few blocks from Chiang Mai’s Red Light District. The Center is a place where boy’s, ages 14-24, can seek 24 hour shelter and refuge from the many harsh realities that life on the street offers.


Education & Empowerment: Provide boys with English based services including but not limited to english, life skills, music lessons, professional development and vocational training.

Health Services: On site health clinics, HIV/STI testing center, medical check ups and pharmacy visits.

Prevention and Awareness: From educating the public in the U.S and Thailand about boys being a part of the story to empowerment youth camps. Awareness is a very important key to prevention in these boys and further exploitation.

Their Wish List…

Donate: Your generous support is critical to the long-term presence of Urban Light within the Chiang Mai community.

Get involved and volunteer: check out the testimonials.

Stay connected:  imgres  images


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