tapestri_logoTapestri Inc. is dedicated to ending violence and oppression in refugee and immigrant communities, using culturally competent and appropriate methods. As advocates for immigrant and refugee families affected by domestic violence, sexual assault and exploitation, Tapestri Inc. is committed to using education, community organizing, direct services and advocacy to improve the lives of those it serves.

Our name, “Tapestri,” symbolizes the different threads of society coming together to form a safe cover to protect its many colored communities.

What Do They Do…

Provides crisis counseling, short-term shelter or housing assistance, health care, mental health assistance, assistance with legal and immigration issues, ESL (English as a Second Language)/vocational skills training, life skills training, translation and interpretation services.

Provides trainings for mainstream and community-based service providers, as well as community outreach on human trafficking which focuses on prevention and awareness. Through our Anti-Human Trafficking Program, we provide direct services and comprehensive case management to foreign-born survivors of human trafficking, helping them with their recovery process and leading them on a path to self-sufficiency.

Their Wish List…

Donate: Program services utilize 90% of your financial contributions and the remaining 10% goes toward the sustainability of our programs.

Host A Necessities Drive: Check out the list of personal items need to assist survivors in their transition from crisis to stability.

Volunteer: Tapestri offers a wide variety of tasks in internship and volunteer opportunities. Offering flexibility by allowing volunteers/interns to complete their tasks from Tapestri’s office or at home, during times which are convenient with their schedule.

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Tapestri Inc. realizes that even when working with female victims it is still important to include men: The Engaging Men Program encourages males to critically explore their cultural beliefs and the dynamics which promote or enable violence and oppression in behaviors, values and expectations. Training and workshops are conducted by field experts and are completely voluntary and free of charge to refugee and immigrant men. In addition to becoming a role model for men and boys in their community, participants will:

  • receive training on how to become an advocate for change in their community;
  • help men and boys in their community overcome cultural barriers and beliefs; and
  • become an advocate for stopping the violence against women and girls.

Men are an essential component in the prevention of violence against women and girls and also play an important role in bringing this violence to an end. Your participation in this program will enable you to be a part of the solution to ending the violence.

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