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“How wonderful it is that nobody need wait a single moment before starting to improve the world” – Anne Frank

In today’s society we are constantly being bombarded with images of devastation, depression and destruction, whether it be by human hands or by biological fate or natural disaster it can be incredibly overwhelming. And as the images and stories pile up, it’s hard not to wonder if there is anything you can do. But time and time again we are proven wrong; there are indeed many ways one can help and there are many doing that exact thing. You just have to look for the helpers. 

It’s no secret that people have what we can call “fad causes”, meaning they are revved up about breast cancer this week, gun control the next and lunch programs by the end of the month. All of these causes are very important but as we jump to the next cause we leave the last one in our wake. People want to help but they don’t know where to apply their passion and in today’s society people are wary of non-profits and how much their donation or efforts will help the desired population. This is why I came up with my Master’s Thesis to develop this site.


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The site will serve as a one-stop shop for people new to the cause of combating human trafficking and to seasoned veterans.

How To Use The Site

The first step is to Educate:

Did you know if you google human trafficking you get almost nine million hits? Well all in one place you can find the background of human trafficking (what, where, how, why, etc.). To learn more check out the BLOG for emerging trends and challenges in the advocacy field, the NEWS section for current trafficking news stories and RESOURCES for more information then you can ever imagine.

The next step is show people there is hope and there is a place for them to plug in their passion. Once again you hit Google and type in “human trafficking organizations” you are given almost 4.5 million hits! Therefore I have provided an ever growing list of organizations that are doing amazing work for the cause and people affected. Click the organization tab and choose from a list of “foundational motives” that inspire you. In those sub tabs will be organizations working with those causes or motives. Each organization’s page will feature a bio, their wish-list, and direct links to their website & social media sites. One of the incredible things about the internet is being able to connect to different places across the globe. My goal was to empower organizations that are already doing going good that you may not be aware of. One of my favorite parts of the site is the STARFISH to see what makes some organizations extra unique!

How You Can Help gives you the opportunity to both be an advocate as well as taken action! Check out the best practices for social media advocacy to engage your networks. But go old school and take action offline, like writing a letter to your congress (learn how). Remember your voice is worth then your dollar!

Don’t get caught up in “slacktivism. Make your online advocacy take action!

Make sure to stop by the Talk To Me tab and let me know about any organizations you recommend or think should go on this site!

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